The new $329 iPad vs $1,129 iPad Pro

macbookIt is 2018 and this is the cheapest iPad you can get and this is the most expensive. Specifically, what’s sparked this comparison is Apple’s brand new iPad which is simply dubbed iPad. It effectively replaces the iPad Air 2 and starts out at 329 bucks. That’s gonna get you 32 gigs of storage, a inch display, and conversely, if you wanted to max this sucker out, you could configure it up to 128 gigabytes of storage and that’s gonna run you 1,836 George Washingtons and, yes, I am talking about quarters. On the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive iPad you could buy right now is the inch iPad Pro which is gonna run you 1,129 bucks and cue the I could build a custom water-cooled, overclocked, SLI-ed or potentially crossfired, if you like red over green, custom sleeve, RGB-would-look-tight-with-a-curved-LED gaming PC comment, let’s go.

With that expensive-ass iPad, that’s gonna get you 256 gigabytes of storage, that sweet, sweet celery data and, of course, the ridiculously large inch display. Seriously, every time I forget the inch iPad Pro exists, I pick it up again and I am blown away with how over-sized and bonkers this thing is. Reversing things, if you wanted to strip down the inch iPad Pro, that’s gonna start out at 799 bucks and if you want to opt for the inch model that’s gonna save you an additional 200 bucks. So, with the entry-level iPad and the iPad pro, there are some pretty substantial difference. First and foremost with the iPad Pro and specifically the iPad Pro, you are getting a much higher resolution of 2732 x 2048. Whereas the inch iPad Pro and entry-level iPad both have a resolution of 2048 x 1536.

One really important point worth mention is even though the inch iPad Pro and the entry-level iPad share the exact same resolution, the actual display quality is far from the same. The iPad Pro is much nicer. There’s better colors, better viewing angles, and the biggest thing that stands out to me with the entry-level iPad is how thick that glass on the display is and not in the good way.

If you’ve never used an iPad, you may not notice it’s there but if you’re coming from an iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro, it is super noticeable. The best way I could describe it, it almost feels like the entry-level iPad screen is sunken in, where, if you’re looking at the iPad Pro or even iPad Air 2, for example, the display is right there smack in front of you. Now, performance-wise, inside the iPad is Apple’s A9 chip. Whereas, with the iPad Pro both the inch and inch models, that features Apple’s A9X chip. But, surprisingly, there really wasn’t that big of a gap between the two. They perform pretty similarly and that kind of tells me the iPad Pro is in dire need of an upgrade, Tim Cook. Next, another big difference between the two is the Apple Pencil. Specifically, what I mean is just support to use the damn thing. I know a lot of people poke fun of the Apple Pencil but, jokes aside, it is really useful. If that was something that enticed you and kind of pushed you towards wanting and iPad, it will not work on the entry-level iPad.

You’re gonna have to step up to iPad Pro. A huge difference between the two is stereo speakers. And being exact, there are two sets of stereo speakers on the iPad Pro, one on the top and then one on the bottom. Whereas, with the iPad non-Pro there is a single set of stereo speakers towards the bottom. As far as how that affects sound quality, I have the single stereo speaker iPad on the left and the dual stereo speaker iPad Pro on the right. We’re gonna start out with the iPad (“Native Son Prequel” by Gramatik) Pausing it for a second, I hear a much bigger and fuller sound here on the iPad Pro. Where I think it’s gonna make and even bigger difference, though, is when you flip things into landscape mode. Especially when you’re holding it like this watching a movie.

So, let’s go ahead and flip it this way. The one thing you should notice is whether I move the microphone to the right or the left hand side, you’re gonna get a pretty consistent sound across the board because of the dual sets of stereo speakers. Whereas, with this iPad, it’s gonna be kind of noticeable in one side spot over the other. (“Native Son Prequel” by Gramatik) It’s not so much… Damn, dude, what’d they do to your hair? – They helped me out, man. They gave me the Jon fade. – You got that damn Dick and Jane cut. It’s not that the speakers on this iPad sound bad, it’s just that these speakers sound really good. As far as tablet speakers go, the iPad Pro is pretty much the best in the game right now and you can see why. Next, another feature that is missing on the non-Pro iPad is the smart connector, which really isn’t that big of a deal. Right now, it really comes down to adding a smart keyboard to your iPad with the iPad Pro.

Logitech did recently just release a pretty cool base for it that will charge your iPad Pro through the smart connector. What that allows you to do is, essentially, connect it magnetically and not fuss around with sticking in a lightning port. As far as similarities go, both have a headphone jack which is a little interesting to me because the new iPad was released after the iPhone 7 and that leaves the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as the only Apple products without a headphone jack.

It’s kind of interesting to see that Apple does not seem to apply that approach to the iPad line. Both feature Bluetooth 4.2. Both feature touch ID and I thought that was cool because if you wanted a fingerprint reader on your iPad, but could only go for the cheaper option, you still have it there. But where things get a little strange and a little weird is both of these feature pretty much the exact same camera hardware. There is a pretty substantial price difference between the two but both share the exact same eight megapickle rear shooter that’s gonna shoot 1080p video, 30 frames a second, or 720p video up to 120 frames a second.

As far the front-facing cameras go, you get a measly megapickles on both the inch iPad Pro and the entry-level iPad. But, in classic scratch-your-head Apple fashion, the inch iPad Pro features a much better camera than both of these. With the inch iPad Pro, you are getting a 12 megapickle rear shooter, 4K video, 1080p video up to 60 frames per second, and 720p slow motion video up to 240 frames a second. We know the camera hardware should be pretty much the same, but I want to put it to the test and see exactly if that is the case. We’re gonna start out with the 329 dollar iPad.

Really, what it comes down to is the inch iPad Pro was released after the inch model. That debuted all the way back in November of 2015. Then came out the inch model in March of 2016. Fast forward just a little over a year later and here we are with the new iPad. Also, a strange fact, is you are a rose gold fan, you can only get that color on the inch iPad Pro. It is not available on the inch model or the new iPad that was just released, which is kinda weird. So, what this video taught me is that the inch iPad Pro is kind of seriously outdated. If you can, I would hold off until they updated it. If you absolutely needed to have an iPad Pro and needed that Pencil support, the inch model is much a better value.

Conversely, if you needed to save some cash, the entry-level iPad actually is pretty good. The display isn’t the best in the world. But, overall, as an entire package, for 329 bucks, it is really solid.